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Patient and Family Testimonials

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"Everyone was awesome. I can't thank all of you enough!!! This program was amazing and helped me get my life back!"
The staff was very understanding and professional. I have done an IOP for alcohol and an inpatient, this program far exceeded the treatment from my previous experiences and has given me great tools to recover and manage my depression and anxiety
Adult Outpatient Programs
"This program has changed my life for the better and I can't say enough how fantastic all the staff have been."
My therapist was the bomb
Adolescent Outpatient Programs
"Great staff, great food, excellent treatment team."
"This place has been very helpful for me. I want to thank all of the staff for making this place feel like a home away from home."
Just want to say thank you so much. I was a wreck when I got here. I feel so much better. Thank you to everyone. This is the best experience I've had being inpatient. I could not have asked for more. I felt safe, secure, and cared for. Thank you so very much.
From Adult Inpatient
Thank you to all the staff who take pride in their work. It may not seem like much, but for a person going through these times, it means the world to us!
F.R.S.T. - First Responder Specialized Program Patient
Thank you so much for being here and doing the job that you do. It's a very hard job that requires a head of steel and a heart of gold. I will always remember your kindness and insights in my future ups and downs. Your bright personality made my darker days still seem sunny. Thank you.
To: Director of Outpatient Services, Jacalyn Mulligan From: Patient
This place changed my life. Thank you
Google Review - Brandon D.
You moved the earth for me. Thank you so much. I have an apt with a female therapist. I appreciate your tenacity which I assume it took. I would be pleased to write a letter to your supervisor to express the terrific asset they have in you.
To: Rebecca Afutu, Outpatient Coordinator
Great program. Katelyn and Stacy are awesome and I would come back if needed. I would also recommend this program to other First Responders.
Patient from F.R.S.T. (First Responder Specialized Program)
Thank you for your help and support. This program, the staff, and the people who attended the program with me changed my life in a positive way. Thank you again! Outpatient
Thank you for all the support you’ve provided for me. I grew a liking towards you quickly which allowed me to fully participate in groups. I hope the group stays strong.”
I was with you the first time I finally cried and felt my feelings. You taught me radical acceptance and taught me it is ok to be me and feel without judgment. I’m so grateful to have met you.
“I have been very happy with my therapist, who has keen wisdom and understanding of my situation and issues. She has been most helpful in helping me through this whole process
I feel compelled to reach out and express to you how amazing your Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization Program team is. I simply do not have the vocabulary to adequately give props to Shana, Lori, Christina, Sha, Tamika, Julia, Lynn, Shannon, Becca, and Dr. Marks, These folks will forever have a special place in our hearts. My daughter has been in many programs across the country, - residential, numerous impatient, and myriad partial hospitalization programs - with no success. We left Texas and came to your PHP program in June, and she is doing amazingly better - far better than I could have ever even dreamed of in the dark dark days of the last year. Anna is finally invested in her own recovery, she is communicating, she is working hard to avoid self-harming, and she is actually smiling and happy. This amazing progress is due only to your staff, with their patience, kindness, understanding, knowledge and commitment to helping kiddos. We are so intensely blessed to have found your program, and I am so thankful that Westborough is also starting an IOP that Anna will transition into. Thank you for putting such a wonderful program and group of people together. I truly believe that Westborough's team has saved my daughter's life, and I will forever be grateful for the many souls at Westborough who have so lovingly impacted her (and me).
To: Michelle Lynn, CEO From: Rebecca G.
"I would like to recognize the staff for their exemplary performance in their field. These people showed utmost professionalism, knowledge in their field, kindness and compassion."
" For the first time ever I am confident that I could be in a role like that and I am excited for future possibilities. Being a part of the program definitely helped me have a clearer mind and helped repair my confidence. I contribute that to the work I did in the program. The therapist gave me the tools to better myself and to be who I am today and not a day goes by that I am not grateful for them. Both of my therapists were amazing people and I can't thank you enough."
'This place has been very helpful for me. I want to thank all the staff for making this place feel like a home away from home"
Our son was recently at your facility suffering from psychosis and major depressive disorder. During his stay at your facility we had numerous conversations with Sha Gaynor. We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for all of the help Sha provided. She was always available, sometimes even during her off hours, to discuss our son's progress and to provide valuable recommendations to help with his care at discharge. I cannot say enough about her compassionate approach to caring for our son and her empathetic attitude during our many conversations concerning our son's situation. We were very impressed with her ability to provide valuable medical information along with her willingness to speak from her experience as a parent herself. Inpatient
To: Jacalyn Mulligan, LICSW, Chief Clinical Officer
Staff is excellent, always willing to help, and provide best service.
From Adult Inpatient
" At the beginning it was difficult, but after I was very good."
"This was a tremendous experience. It has allowed me to learn strategies as well as finally understanding my mental health issues."
" Everyone was so thoughtful and caring, and I felt well taken care of. Everyone was responsive to our needs. Thank you so very much. I feel like my old self."
Thank you to everyone at WBHH who helped me find my light. You showed me love and grace, and you helped me to change my life. Love Always
Patient from F.R.S.T. (First Responder Specialized Program)
In two weeks she had remarkable progress. She wakes up and wants to live. She said this program "probably saved my life."
Clinician reporting for Patient
The staff at this facility was very helpful. They are very good people. I am very thankful for this program.
From Adult Inpatient
This was a really positive environment and I really enjoyed my time here
Adolescent Outpatient Programs
"I am very happy with the treatment I received. All of the staff were professional, compassionate and we were always a priority. This has been the most amazing thing I have done for myself."
" Thanks to all the staff and nurses."
I can’t stress enough how you have positively impacted my life and recovery.
Amazing, very understanding and insightful. Very thankful for this program
Adult Outpatient Programs
"Thank you all so much for your support and help"
The staff is very professional. The staff cares. I felt safe here. Groups are the best. I think the groups helped me during my treatment. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.
Inpatient Adult
"This place is by far the best place ever. From the doctors, nurses, MHTs, to the great chef, thank you."
"The therapist are extremely knowledgeable in the information given. I have learned so much about myself and would highly recommend this facility."
I Was Here For 2 Weeks Had Fun In Gym The SNU Unit Is Where I Was I'm Glad I Got The Treatment I Need And Can't Thank You Enough For All Your Help On Getting My Life Back Together
Patient on Special Needs Unit
"My therapists were amazing and helped save my life. I don't know what I would have done without them both."
There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping my son.
Mother of adolescent patient from Taking Shape
I’ve had a lot of experience with a fair share of mental health professionals but this place truly is helping. I’ve been a participant in the adolescent php program and I’ve had Jared as my clinician, he is the most wonderful person you could ever meet and is so beyond accepting of everyone he meets! He has provided me with numerous coping skills that I’ve already seen progress with in the last 2 weeks! Westborough has definitely given me a start to my healing process and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn with them!
Adolescent Patient
'I cant thank you all enough. You saved my life."
" I am very pleased with the skills and information I have learned in this program from the therapists. I think groups were well planned and information was helpful. I think this program was one of the best things to happen to me and will help me throughout the rest of my life. Thank You!"
'The program was immensely helpful and I feel much more balance upon discharging"
"I came to you in a really rough spot in my life. I am extremely grateful to all of the staff here. I learned a multitude of skills that are helpful and now lead a less stressful life. I appreciate being challenged as well as being taken outside my comfort zone. I am now more secure with myself and took the time to really self-reflect and explore the emotions that were very hard for me to feel and understand as well as express. I had an awesome therapist and great facilitator. She taught me how to not "catastrophize" things in my life. She also challenged my insecurities by bringing me to difficult realizations that ultimately allowed me to grow as a person."
Thank you for all the support you’ve provided for me. I grew a liking towards you quickly which allowed me to fully participate in groups. I hope the group stays strong
Adolescent Outpatient Programs
I waited too long to ask for help because I was afraid of the negative stigma attached to mental health. If this is something you are concerned about, please learn from my mistake. Get the help you need and take good care of YOU. I found safety and understanding with all of the people I met, across staff and peers. Thank you ALL. I couldn't have done it without you. Mental health goes hand in hand with physical health, and EVERYONE deserves to feel strong and healthy. Be well and remember to give yourself grace and lots of love when you are practicing what you learn. ❤
5-Star Review from Adult Patient
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your program. The staff at WBHH are amazing. I am happy to report I feel so much better and will forever be grateful. Josh Lamkin is by far the best therapist I have ever met. His ability to tailor his therapy for each individual's problem is commendable. He is always available for a "sidebar" and his kind, gentle manner is what everyone needs. I owe my progress to the skills and perspective he taught me. I now have life long skills to use. I would also like to mention Lynn. She also took the time to listen and even went out of her way to print materials and literature she thought would help me. She has the best sense of humor and looked forward to her portion of the day. Rebecca and Shana are also assets to the program. Jared was a great fill-in for Josh. Jared is an amazing therapist and he is going to do great at WBHH. Thank you.
To: Director of Outpatient Services, Jacalyn Mulligan From: Patient, Amanda
The staff was very respectful and considerate of my needs. I felt heard and competent.
The program was amazing and taught me a lot about healthy coping skills and steps for relapse prevention.
I appreciate all you have done for him and perhaps you can print this and share. The program has been amazing for him. He is actively setting goals and going for them. He has been to 2 other PHPs and did not like either and it was a struggle getting him to go. For your program he was up before me and ready to go when we commuted together and he wanted very badly to return after he got over the flu but unfortunately he had missed the 3 days. He did feel he got all he could from program but wanted to say good bye have closure so that would be great. Literally he had not left the house since August and had not been himself since COVID. He could not drive a car when he started coming. It’s like you woke the son I once knew up from the dead and I am absolutely not kidding. Having him push me to help with his resume and cover letter and drive himself to the store and to the program is truly a miracle to me. You have no Idea how grateful I am for all you have done for him!
Received from Taking Flight patient's Mom
Thank you very much for being so supportive to our family during this difficult time. Hoping we continue in the right direction. I really can’t thank you enough for all of your support.
Parent of Adolescent
"This hospital was excellent, I am deeply grateful. Ready for my next step, and continue in recovery, you got me back on track. Thank you!"
We thank you all, doctors, nurses, aides, and entire staff for taking care of our daughter. She made tremendous progress during the time she attended the outpatient program. We as family are in debt of your unending care, understanding, love, and compassion to our daughter. Please know that what you do is impeccable, inspirational, and amazing. You are all wonderful!!!
Mother of Taking Flight Patient
I am very grateful for all staff from all shifts. They were very kind and helpful. I felt as if I was in a judgment free zone and people were not just here for a paycheck. I appreciate all the help from everyone
Thank you for teaching me better healthy coping skills. I appreciate your sensitive and caring approach with each of us in class. Your endless support helped me to not give up on myself. I am a new positive minded woman thanks to you and all the staff here at Westborough Behavioral Hospital outpatient program. I am blessed to have been referred here.
Patient from Taking Care Adult Outpatient Program
“Moni, Thank you so much for all the help that you have given me over the past month. This program has helped me a lot with my mental health. It has provided me with skills that I hope to use in the future. Thank you for listening to the issues I was facing and giving advice on how to face it. Thank you so much again and good luck with the future!”
To: Moni, Adult Clinician From: Taking Care PHP Patient
" Occupational therapist and regular therapists provided wonderful stimulating groups, that were organized and informative of identifying problem areas and triggers. Then presenting goals and resolutions to not further bad patterns of behavior. "