Westborough Behavioral CARES


Consistent levels of excellent service


Attitude of caring expressed by the entire organization


Responsiveness to the needs of our patients, patients’ families, physicians, employees, referral sources and community


Enthusiasm to modify our services in response to the ever-changing needs of the community we serve


Service to the organization, the community and external agencies

Westborough Behavioral


Message from Signature Healthcare Services, LLC


During these times of civil unrest coming on the heels of several months of pandemic quarantine, we at Signature Healthcare Services recognize that our country is hurting.  We see many of our communities wrestling with recent events and past wrongs moving in the best path forward to have their voices heard.  We see the impacts that our present and future youth can make on our destiny and we are humbled by their passion.    


As a national behavioral healthcare system, we stand in solidarity with and support all those effected by recent events, especially our employees and patients.  We will continue to service and provide support to the communities we serve and anyone seeking to make changes.  We denounce those who participate in intolerance, division, and infringement on the rights of others.


Signature sees this as a time to take a stand, listen, and support those who are championing efforts to eradicate systemic injustice and inequality.  We know that this conversation needs to last, solutions will need to be sought, and healing and hope will have to begin.  We ask that others in our field, the communities that surround our hospitals, and throughout our nation, join us and commit to lasting and sustainable change. 


Let us strive for hope and healing while building communities where everyone thrives.  In doing so, we invite others to help lift up those in our communities that are struggling and feeling pain.  To seek out those who need assistance, support, and comfort.  To find those who are lonely, isolated, and disconnected.  To console those who are hurting, suffering and alienated.  To serve as advocates for those who have been historically underrepresented, marginalized, and underserved.  To work toward being a country that is less divisive and more inclusive. 


Signature also sees this as an opportunity to improve itself by representing these values internally through building a culture of diversity, inclusiveness and equity, championing causes in the communities that promote this culture, and advocating for those who have the most needs.  We feel that companies, like us, must dedicate themselves to getting their values right so that our communities will thrive and ensure a culture where there is justice for all.  Join us and let’s get it right!